Our first rowing training was great fun, at least this is what I heard from the participants. Many of them traveled together taken care of by responsible students from 2ib Marcin Michalski and Mateusz Bielecki, big thanks to both of these guys. Some students recalled this traveling together and the friendly atmosphere spent with students from different classes as probably the best part of the training.
We started on a funny note, most of us forgot the sports clothes but the really friendly coach Agnieszka found some rowing t-shirts, as a result the regulars at the club mistook us for some professional team 😉
Training on the rowing machine – also called an ergometer- engages most of the muscles in the body, it is one of very few exercises that does that. This is what some students mentioned as the best, the type of activity is very good for the young bodies who while being very studious spent most of their time sitting at desks. And yes it is so original to do rowing, it’s not like football and stuff, it is a rare sport to be able to try, so why not use this chance. Trainings are open to all High School students to join on Tuesdays at 18:00 at Warsaw Rowing Club ul. Zaruskiego 12. In the spring hopeful we will swim to the wide waters of Vistula river, then everyone can cheer on us during the Warsaw High School’s 8’s regattas. But in the meantime, we need to keep rowing, learn the technique first, build up endurance, steady the rhythm, prepare for the spring and most of all have fun. This is what one student said, everyone should try and see, who knows, maybe they find a new passion, realize they have a new talent or just have fun together, don’t miss the chance.

Marta Wolak (Physics)


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